SOLARIEGA - A Taste of the Caribbean in Davao


Azalea Petunia Lavender Aspen

          Azalea                    Petunia                       Lavender                  Aspen


Amaranth Crossandra Cypress Juniper

    Amaranth                   Crossandra                     Cypress                      Juniper

Solariega. A taste of the Caribbean in Davao City. A diverse mix of European, American, Dutch, and other Western influences evident in a residential community you will be proud to call home.

Solariega, a Spanish term that means noble or ancestral home, is the first prime community development in Davao City of the pioneer themed subdivision developer, Crown Communities. It is home to over a thousand families who enjoy its Caribbean-inspired houses set amidst majestic palm trees and profusely-flowering plants in full bloom throughout the year.


Sprawled over 28 hectares of prime land, Solariega offers everyone a taste of Caribbean life where every day is a luxurious vacation enjoyed in lush surroundings and a tropical climate. It’s like having a vacation everyday, right at your very own home.

Located in Talomo, Davao City, Solariega is a short 15-minute drive from the city, and is strategically located along the national highway, making it accessible to all forms of transportation 24 hours a day. Its proximity to shopping centers, malls, markets, hospitals, church, and schools makes it a convenient and ideal location to live.(From Crown Communities website)